When to Replace Your Car’s Declining A-Arm?

As a car owner, it is imperative that you know all the parts of your own vehicle, what their purpose is, and when to replace when they are declining in a condition so as not to affect all the other parts that would cause you bigger and costlier repairs in the future.

One of the most important systems of your vehicle is the suspension system which makes your ride smooth and you in control of your vehicle. It makes the car’s tires traction with the road better to make steering stable. A-arm is a part of your suspension system that connects the wheel hub and the steering knuckle to your vehicle. Its purpose is to allow the wheels to move up and down. With a job this is important; knowing when your car’s A-arm is deteriorating is a must.

Thudding Noise

A noisy car or vehicle is never a good thing. Once you hear a thudding noise or any noise for that matter when you are driving your car, it means something is wrong. A possibility is that your car’s A-arm bushings or ball joints became loose; they would continue thudding when you are driving over rough terrain. This would continue until eventually, the components break down.

Vibrating Steering Wheel

Since the A-arm is part of the system that controls the wheels and the steering knuckle. Once you feel your steering wheel vibrating, it could also be a sign that you’re A-arm or Control Arm needs replacing. This is also one of the first and most common signs that vehicle owners and mechanics associate to an impaired A-arm.

When the bushings or ball joints become busted, the wheel might be out of control and wobble which would be felt in the steering wheel. The vibrations felt in the steering wheel may be stronger when you are driving but would be less felt after you accelerated and are driving along quickly.

Pulling to the Left or Right Steering Wheel

Another sign that you could check to find out whether your car or vehicle’s A-arm is degrading is when you could not control your steering wheel anymore and you could feel it pulling to the left or right. A wandering steering wheel is dangerous and it would take a very experienced driver to steer the car straight.

If this happens during long drives, or when you are driving on a busy road, this might cause accidents because you might drive off the road since you could not control your vehicle anymore or you might drive to oncoming traffic and hit other vehicles that are driving on the same road as you.

When you notice the little signs and symptoms that your car’s A-arm is starting to become faulty, do not delay going to your favorite mechanic to have it checked.

Make sure that a thorough inspection of your car’s suspension system is covered when it undergoes periodic maintenance check-up. Doing this especially before a road trip or an adventure would lessen the probability of you cutting your trip short because of a car problem.