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Perth to Broome – February 2018

We started our journey in WA going from Perth to Broome. We took only eight days as we wanted to explore as much as possible of the rest of Australia. However, there is so much to see you can easily take a couple of weeks, especially as distances in WA are vast. For that purpose, we rented a Toyota Hilux from Australian 4WD Hire with a roof top tent (RTT). The car was in good condition and the equipment amazing. Included was, besides the RTT (which is easy to build up – we had no previous experience), a stove, a fridge, a table, two chairs and a lot of other useful stuff. The staff was very friendly and explained everything in detail before we left. Along our way were many 4WD tracks and unsealed roads and it was really nice to have a good 4WD vehicle. Unfortunately, we got stuck 60 km before we could reach Broome, because of a really big flooding. In these situations, it´s helpful to have enough food, water, fuel and most of all a reliable vehicle made for extremes like we did. Luckily Australian 4WD Hire understood our situation completely and didn´t charged us for the extra days it took us to get to Broome. Especially during that time, they were always accessible, helpful and friendly.
Bottom Line:
We can only recommend to hire a 4WD for that kind of journey and were very satisfied with the service of Australian 4WD Hire. Furthermore, if you treat the car well (like your own) you will have no problem getting your security bond back. Depending on what you want to do and where you want to go, a 4WD is worth it, especially in WA. If we will ever have the chance to do a similar trip we will definitely book one of their vehicles again.

Jonas Sauer – Collingwood / VIC Australia Jonas Sauer – Collingwood / VIC Australia

Perth – 2018

Hello Maryna, thank you for the security bond refund. The 4wd was a strong one and we appreciated it. We had a lovely holiday.

Emilie and Francois-Xavier Bodin – Paris / France Emilie and Francois-Xavier Bodin – Paris / France

Brisbane / January 2018

Dear Maryna
Thank you for your message. I have 4WD experience and drive a Chevrolet Tahoe and a Dodge Ram in Switzerland. Your Toyota was a very reliable car in every situation and we felt safe during our whole trip. Even on Fraser Island we never got stuck and we always felt safe. The car needs not much gasoline so we also spend money by driving thousands of kilometres.

Mark Rutishauser – Zurich / Switzerland Mark Rutishauser – Zurich / Switzerland

Adelaide / January 2018

Hello Maryna,The 4WD hire worked really well with no problems. The hiring process was smooth from start to finish and the vehicle along with the camping gear allowed us to have a really great holiday and get to places that a car would not be able to. Collecting the vehicle in Adelaide worked really well, and Paul was great. I would certainly use Australian 4WD hire again, as it certainly saves driving from Perth, which unfortunately is a very long way from anywhere….. Once again, many thanks and all the best. Regards

Steve Harling – Perth / WA Australia Steve Harling – Perth / WA Australia

Broome – Perth / December 2017

Hi guys! We had an amazing time with our Prado. The car was so new and shiny and we enjoyed every minute in Western Australia (see pics below). Side awning is a great idea – easy shade anytime. Dual battery and 12 V outlet kept all my electronic equipment fully charged. How convenient! We really appreciated the shovel, however the car should have recovery boards too. Hope you like our pics. If we have chance we definitely go again. Thank you.

Marketa Cerna & Jose Guedin Neto – North Curl Curl / NSW Australia Marketa Cerna & Jose Guedin Neto – North Curl Curl / NSW Australia

Sydney – Sydney / November 2017

Dear Maryna, thank you for this notification. We greatly enjoyed the trip and the 4wd was wonderfully fitted out with camping equipment. We got very efficient at setting up our camp and this was partly because the gear was so functional and easy to use! Thanks again, we will definitely recommend your company to others. Sincerely

Dr Thomas J Hugh and Giselle Hugh – Pymble / NSW Australia

Cairns – Melbourne / November 2017

Hello Maryna, Thank you. It was a nice trip. Maybe a bit too rush in 9 days but we’ve seen a lot of nice things. We would like to do again in some months. Thanks for everything.

Patrick and Yvonne Schroot – Halle / Germany Patrick and Yvonne Schroot – Halle / Germany

Perth – Perth / November 2017

Firstly I’d say that the car was wonderful, as was the communication & booking process with your office – an absolute breeze. Our FJ Cruiser was kitted out with everything we needed to make us comfortable and confident. The camping equipment (most especially the fridge) was super useful. Our trip took us north from Perth primarily around the Shark Bay region. We took the 4WD track to Shelter Bay & Steep Point – it certainly paid to take it very slowly through the deep sand & ensure the tyres were right down. This place is totally worth the drive, we stayed on a beach by ourselves for 4 nights which was magic. You have to carry in your own water, but you can very easily catch your own fish to eat too! We also spent some time at Kalbarri which was great, stopping along the way to take in various sights, hikes and beaches. The beach at Eagle Bluff was especially great, we had a swim with turtles, dugongs, sharks and rays in the wild. Take the small track to the left as you head toward the viewing platform & the beach is yours alone. Amazing! Another tip for other travellers would be to know that the campground at Monkey Mia has been closed for restoration (the day before we arrived). Accommodation is only available at the RAC resort, the nearest camp ground is Denham which has several excellent facilities. We thoroughly enjoyed our experience with your company – and we will be booking with you again next year as we plan our trip to Broome & Cape Leveque regions. Kind regards,

Dave Couri – Tighes Hill / NSW – Australia Dave Couri – Tighes Hill / NSW - Australia

Brisbane – Moreton Island / November 2017

Had not hired a proper 4WD for some time and rang Australian 4WD for some advice. Phone contact was excellent. Website excellent and gave me confidence to proceed. Vehicle pick up was without a hitch. Went with family and friends to Moreton Island camping for a week. Vehicle handled all situations with ease. All camping and cooking gear was supplied. Made the whole camping experience a breeze- Went over the story bridge and Toll is free. Great touch!.

I would highly recommend to use Australian 4wd Hire. They reply to their phones. They reply to their emails and the genuinely try to help. Happy days!John Cavalerie – Paddington / QLD – Australia

Darwin – Darwin / November 2017

Good day, The rental was excellent. We were able to travel around Australia, meeting the people and seeing your beautiful country. The vehicle was in excellent working condition. We camped in a different location for 15 nights. The upper tent was very easy to put together each night. It rained on us 3 nights and never a drop of water in the tent. We were so impressed. The fridge was perfect. Because we were able to 4 wheel drive we saw red kangaroos, emus, camels, rock formations, remote camp sites, dingos and many flowers. Having this vehicle was amazing. Thank you for providing this service. We will be returning to Australia and will contact you. Thank you again. Sincerely,

Angela and David McKinney – Anchor Point / Alaska – USA

Darwin – Broome / November 2017

Hi Maryna, Thank you for organising the refund payment for the battery, it has been put back onto our credit card. We had a great trip from Darwin to Broome, and hiring a vehicle from your company was the right decision. The whole booking, payment, pick up and drop off process with Australian 4WD Hire was easy and the Bond was refunded quickly. We were very happy with our 4WD and would recommend your company to anybody. Kind regards,

Barbara Marwick – Auckland / New Zealand Barbara Marwick – Auckland / New Zealand<

Sydney – October 2017

Dear Maryna,We have had a wonderful time. And will certainly leave a positive feedback! The upgrade due to the fact the original car was unavailable at the time , was superb, service, contact and info is very good and pleasant. Equipment the best we have had so far travelling around the globe!! Keep up this standard , we will advise Australian 4wd hire absolutely to our fellow travellers. Thank you for the prompt refund. Have a nice day! Kind regards

Sandra Oudshoorn – Oudewater/ Netherlands Sandra Oudshoorn – Oudewater/ Netherlands

Cairns – October 2017

Thank you again for all the help, customer service couldn’t have been better! Giving back the car at the end was the hardest part because I had considered just driving off into the sunset with it! It was perfect for my friend and I on our trip along the Gibb river road (our first Aussie off road adventure). I have some 4wd experience but she had very limited and being 2 girls traveling together we felt a lot safer knowing that we had a good 4wd that could get us out of anything. I would defiantly recommend your hire company to any one, and will hopefully have future hires with you for myself and my parents (who were fizzing with jealousy back in the UK)

Vicki Henderson – Dunning / UK Vicki Henderson – Dunning / UK

Perth – October 2017

As a Professional Photographer, in order to perform the task at hand and to travel to remote places I require the best quality gear to get the job done. I recently hired one of Australia 4WD Toyota Hilux’s and drove nearly 3,000kms around remote areas of Western Australia. Not once did I question the reliability of the vehicle. With a modern interface and comfortable interior it was easy to enjoy the long distances we had to travel to get our shots. The large ute tray back allowed us to fit all the necessary camping and Photographic equipment in that we needed with tonnes of space left over. The fridge we had was efficient at keeping food and drinks cold and the pop up stove was sufficient enough to cook up most simple meals, tea or coffee we needed while on the road. The pop out tent on the roof of the Hilux took me roughly 4 minutes in total to assemble each night , and about the same amount of time to dismantle in the morning. We encountered strong winds, rain and heat on our trip and the tent held its own in each scenario. The length of the tent allows space to sleep two grown blokes 6ft + tall with room. The diesel model was fuel economic and the additional fuel can in the tray came in handy while on the road. I would recommend this company and its commitment to providing a quality vehicle at a respectable price. I will definitely be booking them again on my next Photographic adventure wherever that might be.

Cieran Murphy – Perth / WA Australia Cieran Murphy – Perth / WA Australia

Cairns – October 2017

Hi Marina, thanks a lot for that quick respond and return of the Bond. I‘ve had a great time up in Cape York, was very happy to have a car in a shape that fitted to all my expectations (maybe even beyond). Very nice and professional people at Peters Garage in Cairns that knew what they talked about and what was necessary to go on a safe trip. I love to put a review on your Home Page and look forward to have a car on another occasion or will tell my friends to book at your company. Thanks again and have a good time. Kind regards.

Adi Zollinger – Zurich / Switzerland Adi Zollinger – Zurich - Switzerland

Perth – October 2017

Thanks for processing the security bond so quickly. We had a fabulous trip and the Australian 4WD Hire Prado didn’t miss a beat. It was perfect for travelling around the Pilbara and Kimberly both on and off road. We did just over 10,500kms in 34 days. The Australian 4WD Hire staff were always available and helpful whenever we needed to contact them. Would recommend you guys to anyone thinking of doing a similar kind of road trip.

Margaret Orr – Lynwood / WA Australia
Margaret Orr – Lynwood -WA Australia

Cairns – September 2017

Very surprised and happy with the vehicle outfit, I will be back for sure to re-hire.

Dan Stephensen – Bungalow / QLD Australia

Brisbane – September 2017

Overall we had a great trip, thank you for the prompt bond refund. The vehicle itself was very clean, and the equipment well maintained (if not new). Amber was great to deal with prior to pick up, and the booking process was very easy. We had a great time away and will consider hiring from you in the future. Near-Queen-Mary-Falls-Main-Range-National-Park

Sophie Baulch & Luke Jennings – Warrnambool / VIC Australia

Cairns – September 2017

“We had an awesome adventure and the Prado we hired from Australian 4WD handled well on the corrugated, dusty roads. Would recommend Australian 4WD to anyone heading to the top end”. Corey & Nicky Mitchell – Perth / WA Australia

Cairns – September 2017

Hi Maryna, thank you for returning our bond so promptly. We had a fantastic time and the 4WD went well. We just got back to Perth so as soon as we sort through all our mail, unpack and download all our holiday photos we will send you some of the amazing adventures we had in the Prado. Nicky ???? Corey & Nicky Mitchell – Perth / WA Australia

Sydney – August 2017

Thank you for your communication and the refund of our deposit, we had a very good trip. The vehicle performed well. Thank you for your help in getting out trip organized, we covered about 8000 k’s, it was very interesting and enjoyable. Paul & Anne Gill – Hereford / Herefordshire UK

Broome – August 2017

We were very happy with the 4WD supplied by Australian 4WD Hire. Low kilometres, everything in order and ready to go. It was more than capable in getting us to places that other rental agencies would not let their vehicles into. We saw some fantastic places. The camping equipment supplied was all in good order and having a 12 volt fridge with its own battery made a big difference to the quality of meals we cooked in remote places. The security bond refund was a breeze and there were no hidden charges. I would have no hesitation to use Australian 4WD Hire again for our next Australian outback road trip. Andrew – Brighton / QLD Australia

Broome – August 2017

Hello Maryna. We would recommend the services of Australian 4WD based on our experience. The car was a very good fit for purpose and handled Gibb River Road with ease. Pre pick up info was excellent and answered just about every question we had. Pick up was efficient and staff were friendly and helpful. Return of vehicle was very easy and efficient. We had a wonderful problem free holiday so we go away as very happy travellers overall. Thanks for your valued contribution to our very enjoyable Kimberley holiday. Tony Waters – Kingscliff / NSW Australia

Broome – August 2017

We had a lovely time touring a small section of the Kimberley, seeing the sights and enjoying the Prado we hired. We had a great trip, the Prado performed well and we were very happy with the camping equipment provided. Alison King – Karangi / NSW Australia

Broome – July 2017

Thank you very much for this efficiency!! We enjoyed every minute on this trip and hope to come back. Kind regards Dr. Ulrich Rytz – Bern / QLD Switzerland

Darwin – July 2017

Thanks so much Australian 4WD Hire for helping us to have a fuss free holiday, clean & reliable 4WD with all the necessary camping equipment we required due to flying into Darwin. Also thanks for a very quick return of our bond money which was back in our account almost immediately without any issues. Very happy customer & would definitely recommend. Kerri & Jason Killin – Walloon / QLD Australia

Darwin – July 2017

I hired the Jeep Wrangler for a 5 day journey from Darwin to Kakadu to Litchfield and back. It was the perfect size for me and my gear and for where I was headed. The car was spotless when I picked it up with near new tyres and low kms. The local agent was very friendly, professional and made sure I was safely geared up with recovery equipment and answered all my questions. My only regret is not travelling for longer. Leeanne Ricci – Leichhardt / NSW Australia

Broome – July 2017

“We were very impressed with the cleanliness of the Toyota Prado vehicle and quality of the camping gear presented to us upon pickup. The local agents were extremely helpful. The package we chose (4WD Bush Camper Large GT) was perfectly suited to our family camping holiday in the Kimberley region. Any email and phone queries were also handled very promptly by the Australian 4WD Hire Company.”

Jane Rogers – South Tammin / WA Australia

Broome Kimberley’s Broome – July 2017

Great quality 4WD hire. Head office and Local agent were very easy to deal with and very helpful. We had fully kitted Bush Camper Canopy RTT latest model Hilux! I will definitely be going back to them in the future. Mel Brandon – Mosman Park / WA Australia

Cairns to Cape York – June 2017

I hired a Toyota Prado from Cairns using Australian 4WD Hire. I took 6 or us up to Iron Range in the far north for 9 days. The vehicle was brand new (1946km) and was amazing. We had a luggage bag on the roof leaving us with plenty of room inside. The vehicle was superb, The service from the head office and agent in Cairns was brilliant! It was returned a bit dirtier than when we picked it up! 🙂 Steve Potter – Blackwood / SA Australia

Darwin to Broome / June 2017

We needed to hire a 4×4 to drive The Gibb River Rd in The Kimberley. After doing our research we decided to grab a 2.8L turbo diesel Toyota Hilux from Australian 4WD Hire. The rig came kitted out with all the camping and 4×4 gear you could possibly need. Ours had all the bells and whistles, including a TJM awning and rooftop tent, camping chairs, table, stove, jerry cans, first aid kit, recovery kit and detailed Hema maps. To take on the corrugations it has an upgraded suspension system and all-terrain tyres. The trip went perfectly to plan and the car ran beautifully. We couldn’t recommend Australian 4WD Hire highly enough. Jack Murphy – Clareville / NSW Australia

Perth – Exmouth – Perth / June 2017

During 10 days we travelled all the way from Perth to Exmouth and back. A totally amazing trip. We rented a medium sized 4wd drive with a roof top tent from the Australian 4wd Hire company. The greatest feature of the car was of course the freedom – we were able to reach campsites that most people never reach. The car was fully equipped with everything we could ask for, and the service at both pick-up and return was very good. A personal and warm welcoming. To rent a car like this is really an exciting way to explore the outback of Australia. One of the big highlights was François Péron National park, not far away from Monkey Mia, the famous dolphin nest. The car was in very good condition and it was perfectly made for this kind of explorer trip. Linus Svensson – Linköping / Sweden

Alice Springs to Alice Springs – May 2017

Just want to say that this was the second time we have hired a 4WD from you and both times we have had a fantastic time, first from Darwin and this time from Alice Springs. We found your company easy to deal with, reliable and the vehicles have been in excellent condition and well appointed. I would certainly recommend that anyone wishing to hire a 4WD in Australia, can do no better than to hire from your company, we will certainly be doing that again. Kind Regards, John and Christina Peebles – Lennox Head / NSW Australia

Alice Springs to Uluru & Surrounds – May 2017

We had a fantastic time on our trip from Alice Springs to Uluru and exploring the National Parks around the area. We were able to cover 2500km in 10 days with the 4WD we hired from Australian 4WD Hire and couldn’t complain about a thing. The staff were friendly and there was good support when we had to fix a few minor things up. Throughout the whole trip the car didn’t miss a beat and it was well stocked with the stuff needed for camping. Would recommend the company to others. Chris Grime – Lake Munmorah / NSW Australia

Brisbane to Darwin – May 2017

Fantastic support from the company and staff before, during, and after the rental. Everything was well communicated and terms of the rental were made clear from the outset. If there is one improvement I could suggest, it’s perhaps knowing the height of the car. The high 4WD and rooftop tent made me a bit paranoid of driving under some low awnings. But overall a highly recommended experience. Vincent Muller – Kelso / NSW Australia

Broome to Broome – May 2017

Hi Maryna, just a quick email to say your company was a pleasure to deal with and the 4wd was awesome, well kitted out comfortable and reliable. We absolutely loved driving from Broome to Kununurra and the Gibb River Road back to Broome. Having a trustworthy vehicle gave us peace of mind and the fridge was an awesome bonus. Thanks again. Duane Washington – Yackandandah / VIC Australia

Darwin to Broome – April 2017

Hi, Thanks for the prompt reply. We really loved our trip from Darwin to Broome and the agents at both ends were very professional and happy to help with any questions we had. The equipment was great and met our needs. I’ve attached some photos which I’m happy for you to use. We’ll definitely be in touch for any future 4WD hire requirements. Cheers, Megan East / North Bondi NSW

Brisbane to Broome – April 2017

The professional organisation of initial email right through to collection and advise on where to pick up the vehicle was fabulous. Our 4WD was fully equipped and ready to go… no problems at all highly recommend them. We did 7122.2km along the Savannah way from Brisbane to Broome. An amazing experience and having the Hilux 4WD with roof top tent was so easy to manage after some long drives…go for it you will never regret it. Adriana Papandreou / Peakhurst NSW

Sydney to Broome – April 2017

From the moment we started talking with the friendly and helpful staff at Australian 4WD to the moment we dropped the car off in Broome, it was a pleasure to work with this company. Easy and seamless booking, first class vehicle and camping package, and hassle free pick up and drop off process. The Prado did not miss a beat and proved very comfortable and well prepared for the journey. We will definitely recommend Australian 4WD to our friends and will also look to do another trip ourselves. Thanks again. Ian and Fiona Widdicombe / Perth WA

Cairns to Darwin – March 2017

We (my sister and I) rented a Bush Camper with a Roof Top Tent. The reservation went very smoothly thru a guy named Jacob who was very friendly and most helpful.Most of the paperwork was done before we picked up the car. When we picked up our transport we were given a lot of tips and tricks (we were green with 4wd)The places we really enjoyed were cape tribulation QLD, Mount Bundy station NT, Litchfield National Park NT.When we wanted to extend out rental for 2 days, it was no problem at all… We would recommend this company to everyone….. Thanks a lot guys ????????Cheers Dirk & Gerda Ruitenberg – Harderwijk, the Netherlands

Cairns to Darwin – March 2017

Thanks again, for the good service mate????????, We really enjoying the Prado. Dirk Ruitenberg / Hardewijk – Netherlands

Sydney to Melbourne – February 2017

Just writing to say I love your work, and appreciate your existing in the world Damien Randell / USA

Cairns to Brisbane – January 2017

Today we returned the Toyota Prado at Shailer Park. We very much enjoyed the car and received a great service! Thank you very much and we will promote your company on our website. Cycling around the world ???? since 2008. Greetings Michael Verhage/Ciska Keerssemeeckers / Auckland – New Zealand

Cairns to Melbourne – January 2017

“We wanted to say a huge thanks to Australian 4WD Hire for our road trip adventure down the East Coast of Australia. The 4 of us had such a neat time camping and 4WDing off-road. We were able to explore many places and it really gave us an authentic experience in Australia. We got to see some of the unique wildlife and enjoy forests, beaches and amazing sunsets in the wilderness! The truck was very new and clean and the equipment provided was all in good condition. The tent is super easy to fold out and set up for the night. Probably the most fun I have had in Australia to date and would love to hire your vehicles next time I am in Australia! Thanks again from the 4 of us!” Jordan McFall / Auckland – New Zealand

Cairns to Brisbane / QLD – December 2016

“No problems at all, friendly people during pick-up and drop off. Perfect Communication and dealing with us… thank you for the car :)”Olaf Stanke / Berlin Germany

Perth to Pert / WA – November 2016

Dear All, I ‘d like to share with you my great experience with a trip through Western Australia in 2016. That was a month of a great exploration and great time. This was also because of having a great car J. Let me say that there is always a question which rental company one should choose and trust. And I must say that “Australian 4WD Hire” is the best choice. That was my second time I got the car from them and that was my second time I was absolutely satisfied. Me and my boyfriend decided to rent Toyota Landcruiser with the roof top tent so that we could get anywhere we wanted to, and sleep anywhere we wanted to, as well J. That was a great fun! (see the photos). Moreover, you also get anything you need for outdoor camping f.ex. fridge, water tank, table, chairs, compressor. So it’s really worth the price. We did an amazing drive from Perth to the south of WA along the coast, through Margaret River, Albany, then Bremer Bay, Cape Le Grand, and then we turned north to Menzies and Kookynie and went back to the West coast driving 4×4 track to SandStone, then going through Mount Magnet, Geraldton, and Lancelin back to Perth. That was a time of adventure, wilderness and pure nature. And whenever we needed support from “Australian 4WD Hire”, we got it. Even when there was one problem with a car alternator during our drive (sometimes it happens and one can do anything about it), we got immediate help, we had a new part arranged and we had instant help on the phone. One call was enough to be taken care of. And I was really impressed with that. So, any reason to complain and so many reasons to be happy . Try it! You won’t regret! . Wish you a great time in Aussie!

Anita Werner / Poland

Perth to Pert / WA – September 2016

This is our second trip to Western Australia and we hired a car from Australian 4WD for both trips. In fact, our first trip with the 4WD was so fun and amazing, that we decided to take another trip the next year and use the same car company.

We have nothing but excellent things to say about the car: its quality and dependability are unparalleled and everyone was so friendly and professional during the hiring process! We also very much appreciated that the car included supplemental equipment for camping such as chairs, a table, etc. It really helped make our trip so much smoother. We also loved the sound system in the car and how well it ran and handled 4WD. It really is a high quality vehicle.

The 4WD definitely made our trip magical and we would not hesitate to hire from the company again!!

Dan Smith / USAt-img26

Melbourne to Melbourne / Around Australia – August 2016

Dear Maryna,

Our 2 month exploration of the centre of Australia was a great success largely because your fully equipped Toyota Hi-Lux was the ideal vehicle for our adventure. Starting and returning to Melbourne we managed to visit most of the famous places in the Northern Territory, the Kimberley’s and in the Flinders Ranges and camped in everything from wilderness camp sites with no facilities whatever to the well-appointed campsites in Alec Springs, Cape Leveque and Wilpena. We also travelled on all sort of roads including the Gibb River Road, the Tanami Road and the Oodnadatta Track all of which the Toyota handled with ease. The car was in perfect condition and the tyres likewise and apart from a bolt shaking free on the engine protection plate, which was easily replaced, everything worked perfectly. We had no tyre problems at all and the fuel consumption was remarkably low. We travelled from Halls Creek to Alice Springs on a single tank of fuel. We especially appreciated the fact that you were prepared to service the vehicle in Broome half way through our trip and would like to thank Brendan for his friendly and professional help when we picked up and returned the car and Vitali and the staff in Queensland who were equally helpful.

With kind regards, Alec Broers / Rhode Island – US

Perth to Darwin – July 2016

Dear Team @ Australian4WDhire,Our family tour from Perth to Darwin (July 2016) using the Bush Camper Large RTT (Toyota Prado 2015) provided by Australian 4WD Hire was the right choice.The equipment selection was perfectly fitting for us and we had a great time traveling up the coral coast and through the Kimberley’s!The car was performing excellent over all kind of tracks – Pinnacles / Francois Peron / Karijini / GRR & El Questro / Purnululu and through many other outback areas.I definitely can recommend Australian 4WD Hire to others heading bush as well! Cheers Matthias Gsuck & Family / Lueneburg – Germany T-img11T-img12T-img13T-img14T-img15

Broome – Kimberley’s – July 2016

– Thanks Maryna – we loved the car and had a great time touring the Kimberley – would definitely look at using Australian 4WD Hire on our next trip. Geoff Hattam, Norwood / SA – Australia

Melbourne – Around Australia – July 2016

– The car performed really well over the 10 week period and to my mind it was good value for the money, and I am pleased that I chose your company to hire a car from. If anyone asks me for a recommendation I will certainly recommend your company. Chris Hobson, St Albans / UK

Darwin to the Kimberley – July 2016

– The advice and service we received before our trip from Darwin to the Kimberley in July 2016 was excellent. The vehicle was well equipped for camping and mechanically sound. Our feedback on a few wear and tear matters was well received after the trip and staff were receptive and courteous at all times. We would recommend Australian 4WD Hire to other travellers and will use them again. Thanks again. Peter Banks, Teneriffe / QLD – Australia

Cairns to Broome – June 2016

– Good to be home again, just returned from our trip from Broome to Cairns in a Toyota Hilux 2016 a Bush Camper RTT, covering more than 8000 km in 8 weeks. Our experience with Australian 4WD Hire was incredible. The vehicle was well equipped with tents, camp beds, folding chairs fridge and stove, basically everything we needed. This vehicle performed very well in the most rugged conditions, including the Cape York, Bungle Bungle route and El Questro’s challenging 4WD lookout tracks. All their staff was very helpful with attention to detail from the start of the booking process till the final check in. Big thank you to the team and the local agents, thank you for this wonderful experience. We are already panning our next year trip and we definitely will be in touch soon for booking our 2017 trip. Markus Schoenefeld, Frankfurt / Germany

Darwin – May 2016

-Australian 4WD Hire were excellent to deal with from the moment we made the booking. Being novices to the area of the Kimberley’s and 4WD in general it was great to get a great reliable vehicle and service. Being greeted with a friendly induction was fantastic. Then on the way home, nothing was too much trouble including dropping us to the airport at 6am. Thanks Australian 4WD ! – we will be back for sure ! Shane Radbone, Wayville SA / AustraliaT-img16

Melbourne – March 2016

-Thanks for arranging the pick-up so perfectly, even on a Sunday morning. Mr. Vanprooyen was very punctual, explained everything clearly, patiently and very friendly and the Toyota Prado RTT looked perfect (with new tyres and all the camping equipment) , exactly as Australian 4WD Hire had promised. With confidence we now start our one month’s trip in the Outback.Dear Vitali and other employees of Australian 4 WD Hire and Van Prooyen Service, How lucky we were to find your company in a blog of 4WD travellers, when we prepared our outback trip. Understandably, especially Australia travellers from other continents would first hit the big global car rental companies on the internet and the big Australian camper and 4WD rental companies. One of these last companies we had paid a visit a few years ago in Queensland, in order to have a look at the cars they offered. But now, after our long NSW outback adventure with hundreds and hundreds of km on unsealed roads, we know the qualities of Australian 4 WD Hire. The large Toyota Prado Landcruiser was in a perfect condition and so was the whole camping and emergency equipment. The new tyres had the right pressure, airco was excellent (even in 4 weeks 40C heatwave) and EVERYTHING else too. My sincere compliments to this reliable company. And if anyone prepares a 4WD roadtrip in the Australian outback and needs suggestions, don’t hesitate to ask me personally about our experiences. Thanks again and hope to use your company again next year. Kind Regards – Carl and Antoinette Verschuren, Eindhoven/ Netherlands T-img11T-img12T-img13T-img14T-img15

Melbourne – February 2016

-Thanks for arranging the pick-up so perfectly, even on a Sunday morning. Mr. Vanprooyen was very punctual, explained everything clearly, patiently and very friendly and the Toyota Prado RTT looked perfect (with new tyres and all the camping equipment) , exactly as Australian 4WD Hire had promised. With confidence we now start our one month’s trip in the Outback. Kind Regards – Carl Verschuren, Eindhoven/ NetherlandsT-img10

Sydney – February 2016

-We were visiting our friends in Sydney and hired a 4WD from Australian4WD Hire and found their service great, they were very helpful and provided all camping gear so we didn’t have to worry about buying it. The vehicle was latest model Toyota Prado Turbo Diesel Automatic and Camping Equipment was used but in pretty good condition. The whole hiring process went very smooth and we didn’t have any problems when we returned the car. There was no limit on the km and we could take it off- road! We have asked a few hiring companies and most of them would not offer this service and some others had a big surcharge if we wanted to go Off-Road. Best Regards – Dieter and Ursula, Bremen / Germany T-img9

Sydney to Melbourne – January 2016

-Perfect Communication and dealing with us… thank you for the car:o)Kind Regards – Lukas Koutsky, Decin / Czech Republic T-img8

Brisbane to Fraser Island – December 2015

-Great experience, was away for 5 days mostly on Fraser Island! Really did my research before travelling, These guys are well priced and have great Vehicle’s. Dealt with Will in Brisbane, great guy very helpful and friendly. Easy pick-up and drop-off. Car was only 12 months old, clean and ran exactly as it should. Already planning my next trip, I will definitely be using and referring to these guys again! Thanks”Kind Regards – Austin Lewinsmith, Gold Coast / QLD – Australia T-img7

Brisbane to Fraser Island – October 2015

-Hired a Large Bush Camper to take the family to Fraser Is. Great vehicle with all the camping gear provided. Highly recommended for those wanting the true 4WD experiences without having to own one. Kind Regards – Jeremy King, Brookwater / QLD – Australia T-img6

Cairns to Cape York – October 2015

-Please again pass my thanks on to Will for what was a terrific wagon and lived up to all we hoped it would with getting us up the Cape and enjoying what is a special place in the Australian Outdoors. If I find myself back in Oz for another 4wd adventure I would have no hesitation to hire from you folk again!Kind Regards – Bill Wheeler, Gisborne / New Zealand T-img5

Brisbane to Cape York – September 2015

– I would like to express my appreciation of Will’s advice and assistance with our hire experience when picking up and returning the vehicle. Very thorough and friendly with it. Also thanks to your Admin Team for all the messages giving good info relating to the hiring. Overall a good experience. Kind Regards – Barry Herring, North Canterbury / New Zealand T-img

Darwin to Perth – Kimberley’s & West Coast – September 2015

– We had great holidays, we are very happy that you were able to provide us with a solution and enjoyed it a lot!!! Regards – Manuel Steimle, Bern / Switzerland 27

Broome to Cairns – Savanah Way – September 2015

– We liked your Bush Camper Prado and will recommend your company to our daughter’s friend who will visit Australia in May 2016. Regards – Klaas Van Pahuis, Luxemburg / Belgium b

Alice Springs  – Trip into Kimberley’s & Broome  –  August 2015

– Thank you for the car and equipment (very good). I will suggest your company to my friends. Regards – Alessandro Pignatti, Carpi / Modena – Italy august2015

Cairns – Trip into Cape York – July 2015

– I would like to let you know that our holiday was a great success thanks to the quality vehicle and equipment supplied by your company. The staff in Cairns did what they could to make sure that we had everything we needed. I look forward to my next holiday with one of your vehicles. Regards – Simon Wade, Cape Town – South Africa t-img

Darwin – Trip into Kimberley’s – June 2015

– Thank you for the opportunity to drive such a fine vehicle. Had a great trip. Regards – Chris Barker, Mountain Creek QLD – Australia Darwin - Trip into Kimberley's - June 2015

Darwin – Trip to Arnhem Land – April 2015

– I’m glad to say we had a great trip with the FJ Bushcamper. It didn’t skip a beat and was an asset to our trip. We would defiantly consider it again next year. Regards – Jamie Dennis, Willunga SA – Australia

Brisbane – Trip to Fraser Island – April 2015

– We just went to Fraser Island for 5 days. We got the “small” 4WD which is actually a Jeep Wrangler Sport, an overpowered and lightweight fun car. The car was good for 2 people including basic camping equipment plus tent. The car was in a perfect. We just went to Fraser Island for 5 days. We got the “small” 4WD which is actually a Jeep Wrangler Sport, an overpowered and lightweight fun car. The car was good for 2 people including basic camping equipment plus tent. The car was in a perfect condition and we had no problems driving on Fraser, where we saw some cars getting stuck in the sand. Car was 1 year old. Good service and we did not have any problems. The hirer in Brisbane speaks also German. Highly recommended. Regards – Marcus Eich, New Farm QLD – Australia

Darwin – Trip into Northern Territory – April 2015

– Just wanted to say THANK YOU for the great vehicle and service I received recently in hiring a 4WD from your organisation. Great car and great service from your Darwin office…Bill and James did a great job in making me feel special and looking after my needs! I look forward to hiring another 4WD vehicle from you in the future! Regards – Paul Zanelli, Adelaide SA – Australia

Alice Springs – Trip into Uluru, The Olgas, Kings Canyon, Hermannsburg – April 2015

– A big “thank you” for the 4WD hire from Alice Springs! Spent 5 days travelling around Uluru, The Olgas, Kings Canyon, the Mereenie Loop to Hermannsburg & then on up to Glen Helen, stopping off at lots of places along the MacDonnell Ranges, back to Alice Springs *phew*!! A special “thanks” to Fiona Bosch who handled the booking from Outback Tour Services, who went ‘above & beyond’ the normal call of duty, ensuring my trip was safe and fun!! Awesome adventure! Will definitely recommend Australian4WDHire again… Regards – Sally Wells

Brisbane – Trip to Fraser Island – February 2015

– My wife and I would just like to forward some positive feedback to Australian 4WD Hire regarding our experience. We found the initial quotation enquiry via the web very easy and the follow up service by way of return email and then phone conversation was also very informative and professional. Our experience with the FJ Cruiser was tremendous and could not be faulted. We took the car up to Fraser Island and found it to handle all conditions with ease. It never let us down for the entire trip. We would also appreciate you passing on a special thanks to your Shailer Park agent (Will). I found him to be very informative, professional and thorough with what he was doing. He was also very thorough with handing the vehicle over and explaining all the details about the car. Please ensure this feedback is communicated to Will. Please feel welcome to use this feedback in any testimonials. Regards – Brad and Amanda Ross, QLD – Australia

Perth – Trip around Western Australia – February 2015

– The car and camping gear were great and we’ll be recommending Australian 4WD Hire to anyone that asks. Cheers, Sam Watson, ACT – Australia

Gold Coast – Trip around Queensland – February 2015

– The best getaway ever with the Australian 4WD Hire! If you are looking for Off-Road adventure and want reliable car, good equipment and great service and support you must try …Australian 4WD Hire. We needed a car for one month trip in Queensland and at the beginning we thought about renting a Bush Camper from ****** but we were lucky to discover so many negative opinions that we changed our mind. We thought “let’s take 4×4 car from **** or *****!” But it’s bad idea- regular rental companies don’t allow you to do Off-Road driving and even to drive on gravel roads. In Brisbane they told us in ***** that we could not go on Fraser Island (which is full of 4×4 tracks) with their car. So, we quickly tried to find another solution. Before we came to Australia we investigated also Australia 4WD Hire so we thought: let’s try, now or never. And that was the best we could do! We got Toyota Land Cruiser (almost brand new) and brand new camping equipment: sleeping mats, table, chairs, ( we had our own tent), gas stove and – what is really important- fridge (big enough to put inside the food for 4 or even 5 days for two people). We also had car kit like compressor and belts for windlass, so that was really everything we could imagine. Most important- we could go for unlimited Off-Road adventure!:) everything worked great and we had wonderful time driving on Fraser Island, Cooloola, Bribie Island and several other National Parks with 4×4 tracks. The guy from the company, Vitali, was very supporting and helpful and I must say- next time we are in Australia we will definitely come back to A4WDH and take their offer again. One can say: it is more expensive than in regular rental companies but it is really worth it! With all the fun you can have out of the 4×4 travel:) Thank you! Best Regards, Igor and Anita, Warsaw – Poland

Brisbane – Trip around Australia – August to January 2015

– We had an awesome trip and loved the car, tempted to buy one when we get back to UK. Will strongly recommend you guys to anyone I know thinking of coming over. Kind Regards – Mark Hall, Trinity – Jersey

Perth into Western Australia – October 2014

– A little thank you note from the Netherlands. My girlfriend and I arrived back home from a fantastic journey through Australia last Friday. After we parked the car at Crickey’s, we went to Sydney for a week on the East Coast. A nice ending to a great holidays in Oz with three amazing weeks in Western Australia in our (your) 4WD Nissan Navara. I think it’s correct Australian English when I say: she was a beauty. The service and equipment you provided us with made this trip a wonderful experience. So, a very warm thank you from the Netherlands. Kind Regards – Arnoud Bodde & Marjolein te Winkel – Netherland

Cairns into Cape York – October 2014

– My wife, two children and I needed a 4wd for a Cape trip at short notice, the wife googled 4wd hire the night before we need the vehicle, Australian 4WD Hire came up and she gave them a call. Even at short notice Australian 4WD Hire was able to sort us out with a Prado at a rate much cheaper than other companies – no hassle. We picked the vehicle up the next day with no fuss and headed north. After a great week up the Cape we returned the Prado, after a quick check of the vehicle Will from Campers OZ ran us back to our accommodation in Cairns. It was all very easy and by far the best value. Thanks to Will from Campers OZ and Australian 4WD Hire. Best Regards – James and Amanda, Christmas Island – Australia

Cairns into Cape York – September 2014

– We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to the Cape and that was in a large part due to the equipment you provided. Thank you for your support. Best Regards – Richard Tilley, Brighton, VIC – Australia

Brisbane into Inland – August 2014

– The family and I had a great time, and we thank your company for the 4WD. Hoping we can do business again. Regards – Everett Young, South Yunderup, WA – Australia

Broome into Kimberley’s & Gibb River Road – August 2014

– We had a fantastic time thanks to your reliable Nissan that we hired. I shall recommend to anyone else if they wish to go to Gibb River Road or other places, Thanks! Regards – Ken Nation, East Geelong, VIC – Australia

Brisbane into Simpson Desert July 2014

– Just wanted to say thank you for your fantastic service and exceptional equipment. The quality of the FJ and it equipment made the trip a true pleasure. I would have no hesitation using your company again or recommending 4WD Hire to anyone I know. Andrew Parker, Lawnton, QLD – Australia

Darwin into Kimberley’s July 2014

– A very big thank you for making our trip possible! Car and overall service excellent – we will keep you in mind for our next 4WD adventure! Best regards Helen Drainsfield, Curl Curl NSW – Australia

Darwin into Kakadu July 2014

– Hi Vitali, I just wanted to thank you for the ease of hire and quality of your vehicle and fittings. We had a great time in the Top End and it wouldn’t have been the same without your 4WD. Regards Alasdair Vickers, St Ives, NSW – Australia

Cairns – Cape York – Cairns – Darwin June 2014

– My wife and I recently completed a wonderful Cairns, Cape York, Cairns, Darwin trip in a Bush Camper Large 4WD Prado from Australian 4Wheel Drive Hire. The Prado and all of the camping equipment was new, beautifully presented and easy to manage. There was a range of ideal insurance options, and the unlimited mileage meant there was no hidden after-shock in having exceeded the daily allowance. An outstanding feature of Aust4WD is that when making bookings and arrangements they are directly with the company owner, and not through a third person who can not make a decision on the spot. Congratulations Aust4WD as your service and equipment enabled us to complete a 5937km trip worry free. Bob & Norma Thompson, Perth, WA – Australia

Broome to Darwin via Gibb River Road June 2014

– We had a great trip with the car, which was very reliable and comfortable, Thanks a lot for your help! Amandine & Ben Denis, Brunswick, VIC – Australia

Trip to Cape York via Cairns June 2014

– Very happy with the car and the service you and your agency provided – cheers! Bruce Watts from Seaham NSW – Australia

Trip to Cape York via Cairns May 2014

– Very happy, would recommend to all family & friends. Matt, Lena Steer and Chloe Elder from Pakenham VIC – Australia

Road trip in the Kimberley’s via Broome April 2014

– Great car in excellent condition! Enjoyed our trip thanks to Australia 4WD Hire! Payal, Sylvaine, Kiran and Vlad from UQ, Brisbane QLD – Australia

Trip to Birdsville via Gold Coast April 2014

-You saved our holidays on such a short notice! Thank you, very happy! Wayne Bunker from Tallebudgera Valley QLD – Australia

Trip to Cape York via Cairns April 2014

-Thank you again for fantastic car hire & service! Definitely recommend to all family & friends. Vanessa Platt from Perth WA – Australia

Savannah Way, Cairns to Darwin April 2014

-Very impressed with your service and vehicle, booked online – very simple and easy, will be using your services on our next holiday trip. Brent Watts from Healesville VIC – Australia

Trip to Moreton Island via Gold Coast April 2014

-Great car want to buy one like this for myself! (Toyota FJ Cruiser). Anna Broomfield from Casuarina NSW – Australia

Trip to Kakadu NP via Darwin April 2014

-Your Bush Campers turning some heads, we had a lot of people asking us – where we hired it and for how much. Andrew Jones from Sydney NSW Australia

Trip to Frasier Island via Gold Coast January 2014

-Brand new car and equipment, had a lot of fun, ended up saving some people. Will be using your company for next year on our Kimberley trip. Bruce Baird from East Sussex – UK

Trip to Whitsundays via Gold Coast October 2013

-Love your Bush Campers and Camping Equipment set up had great holidays with my family, very competitive price. Highly recommend. Andrew Nossov from Miami QLD – Australia

Trip to Kimberleys via Darwin September 2013

-Very professional – great service, first time ever I had a brand new 4wd for hire. Thank you guys. Alex Martens from Adelaide SA – Australia

Trip to Kimberleys – Gibb River Road, Broome to Darwin September 2013

-Thank you so much! Bush Campers way to go! Never had such a good service will be back next year with our family and friends. Alex and Silke Adler from Frankfurt – Germany

Trip to Simpson Desert via Brisbane August 2013

-Nothing else but Toyota Prado Bush Camper! Thank you for great service and 4wd! Very serious Equipment! Planning my next trip to Australia and will be in touch with you soon. Max Ziegle from Zurich – Switzerland
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