Different Types of Window Tint Film

If you care about your car you will do anything and everything to protect it and ensure that it looks brand new forever. However, most users pay attention to the exterior because the exterior is more susceptible to damage. While this is true, it is not an excuse to forget about the interior of your car.

The main cause of damage on your dashboard and the interior of your car is UV rays. To protect your car from heat and UV damage is to prevent sunlight from entering your vehicle. The easiest way to do this is to cover up your windows.

Tinting your windows not only protects the interior of your car but also give you a sense of privacy.

There are 4 main types of window tint films in the market today and below is quick summary of each type.

Dyed Window Tint Film

The most affordable type of window tint is the dyed window film. This type of tint is ideal for the initial tint. Since this a cheap tint, it doesn’t last too long and will eventually fade quicker than other tint types.

The basics behind a dyed window film is that layers of dye are being applied to adhesive film. Application of multiple layers build up the dark colour. The layers will give it an opaque appurtenance from the outside.

Since this is a basic tint it only prevents some light and heat from entering the vehicle. This type of tint is ideal for those in areas that do not experience harsh sunlight and whose main purpose is privacy rather than protection.

Metalized Window Tint Film

While the dyed film uses layers of dye to build colour and reflect some light, a metalized film uses metal particle to do the job. A metalized tint film is much more effective a dyed tint when it comes to light and heat reflection.

It is also less suspectable to fading and more scratch proof compared to a dyed tint. Another added advantage is that the metal particle increases the strength of the window which in turn reduced the chance of window shatter. When viewed from outside the tint gives a shiny appearance.

A drawback to this type of tint is that it could sometimes reduce cell and GPS coverage.

Carbon Window Tinting Film

This type of tint film gives the sleekest look to your vehicle. When viewed from outside a carbon tint give a matte finish.  Carbon tint films can generally block up to 40% of the inbound infrared radiation.

It much more expensive when compared to metalized and dyed window tints. However, the prices will depend on the service provider. For additional information compare prices at your local garage or vehicle detailing store.

Ceramic Window Tinting Film

The best of the last. This type of window tint is the most expensive and has highest functionality. Ceramic tint films are quite new to scene but is very popular because it can block up to 50% infrared radiation and also around 99% of the UV radiation as well.

Tinting your windows is the first step to protecting your interior. After this for further protection you can even coat your dashboard with a protective film.