Best 4×4 Mod Tips for Off-Road Travelling

If you want to vamp up your off-roader but can’t decide exactly where to start, this article is for you.

Keep in mind that you are going to undertake a project to transform a vehicle to be fit for a purpose it was not meant for, when it first rolled out of the assembly line. Therefore, a lot of care and work must be put in to make sure only the best modifications are made to your ride. We will be focusing on a few key areas that you should prioritize on and invest in, to make vehicle the best there is for outback travel.


Not all vehicle owners fancy the idea of “disfiguring” the factory look of their ride by fixing a robust looking metal structure to the front of their vehicle. However, these will play a huge role in making the ride fit for off-road travel and keeping the front face and the lights from getting damaged from the many things that will come whirling at it.

While steel bull bars are quite heavy and might even put the centre of gravity of your automobile off balance, they will offer a much higher level of protection compared to the lighter aluminium alloy structures. Our advice to you is, don’t make price a limitation when purchasing a bull bar, because a quality product will most likely set you back a couple hundred dollars that what you want to spend, but it will certainly do the job right.

A Fuel Tank That Is Big Enough!

When you take on those challenging terrains which are particularly difficult to travel on, your rig is sure to burn a whole lot of fuel. Therefore, when going on an outback adventure, make sure you have enough fuel to last the journey. Long-range fuel tanks can accommodate a significantly higher volume of gas compared to the regular kind and these helps keep the fuel on the underside of your ride, where it should be (so that you don’t have to carry several cans).

Spare Wheels

Your wheels are sure to go through some serious tests when taking off road trips and you must always be equipped with replacements, in case if things go wrong along the way. When you gradually trek away from the civilized world and into the dirt and mud-covered wilderness, the last thing you’d want is a flat tyre on your vehicle, and no place in sight to find a replacement. A spare tyre or two, nicely attached to the back of the ride will come in handy in such a situation. Spare wheel carriers will allow you to avoid the hassle of having to go with a roof rack, which is relatively cumbersome.

Communication Gadgets

No matter how far you plan on trekking away, there must always be an effective communication link between you and those that can help you out if you happen to need it. Satellite phones have become somewhat of an essential thing in outback travel these days and these can either be bought or hired, depending on how much you are willing to spend. A nifty 5-watt UHF radio on the other hand will be great for local, short range communication while you are out trucking!